big boy room.

I had a plan.  With Little Brother due in spring I was going to use Christmas break to decorate and transition DDT into his “big boy room.” I was also going to eat way too many cookies during Christmas break.  The latter part of my plan went on without a hitch.  The bedroom stuff – not so much.  The first two days of break were great.  We went to see Santa {DDT hates that dude}, took DDT to see his first movie in a theater {to help him forget about Santa}, and spent some time with family.  Then we lost power for about 7 days. I can deal with a power loss for awhile.  It can be nice to “unplug.”  Although, that loses its appeal rather quickly when it’s freezing.  The worst part was not the cold, though.  We’ve got plenty of blankets, a generator, and space heaters.  The worst part is that we live on a well and that means flushing the toilet is not allowed.  Pregnant. No toilet.  Not good. Thankfully, we have amazing family and friends so we had plenty of warm places to relax and have sleepovers.  In the grand scheme of things, it was just a major inconvenience.  We’re lucky to have a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, and each other.  Although, HBG should probably get that generator hooked up to the house ASAP so next time we just have to flip a switch to turn that bad boy on and run the house. Anyway, the big boy room got pushed back a little.  Even though I wasn’t able to decorate, I still wanted to try to get DDT sleeping in his new bed sooner rather than later because I didn’t want him to feel like he got kicked out of his crib when Little Brother came to town. I worry about these things.  I worry about a lot of things.  Okay.  I worry about EVERYTHING.  My mom came out to babysit in early January and HBG and I joked with her that her job was to get DDT to sleep in his new bed.  Of course she did it. She’s awesome.  Check that off the list.


DDT’s first night in his big boy bed.

Slowly I started to gather things together that I wanted to use to decorate his room and it’s finally finished.  For now.  Actually, nothing is ever finished in my house.  I’ll find more and make more and add more.  But for now – it’s done and I love it.  DDT seems to like it, too.  Which is important.  It is his room.





Most of what I used to decorate was stuff I had around the house.  We had the bed {DDT sleeps on the pull out trundle for now}, chair, and his dresser – which is in his closet to give him more room to play.  The crate that I used for an end table to hold his blankets, journal, and clock is an old milk crate from Flint, MI.  The crate shelf was actually our guest bedroom nightstand, but I flipped it sideways and hung it on the wall.  The other shelf is just a basic wood shelf from JoAnn’s.  Both are stained with a vinegar/steel wool/coffee ground mixture that I let sit overnight.  All of the frames are frames I had.  I just spray painted them white or gray.  The hanging light was on clearance at Target.  The curtains for the book nook were actually two body pillowcases that I made into curtains – also on clearance at Target. I made the abc pallet from a small pallet that I found at JoAnn’s and alphabet stamps that I have. The monster canvas was $5 at Target. The photo of HBG & I reaching out in the snow and the photo of DDT with the bow tie were taken by Rock Star Ra.  Not only is she a rock star, but she is also an amazing photographer {maisie jane photography}. Her portfolio is incredible.

The prints that I used in the room are some I found while searching on the internet.  All but one of them were free and I printed them at home.  Here is a list of where I found them:

So there you have it.  A new bedroom for a soon-to-be big brother!

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One Response to big boy room.

  1. Jessie says:

    Great blog! 🙂 Declan sure is adorable, and I can’t wait to see the new little one.

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