Here we are at week 38. Woot Woot!  I am getting excited to meet Little Brother {maybe sooner rather than later, little buddy}! HBG had to travel over the weekend for work.  A bit stressful at this point, but he’s home now and life is good.  My mom graciously offered to come and stay with DDT and I while HBG was gone to keep us company {Okay. She came to babysit me because she knew I’d overdo it. Because I am her kid.}.

Jules arrived on Friday morning wearing her Wonder Woman cape.  Well, I didn’t actually see a cape, but I know it’s there.  DDT was excited and immediately dove into playtime with “Mamaw” {G’s and R’s are hard when you’re 22 months}. We did a lot of playing on Friday and were all exhausted by 8pm.  On Saturday, WW cleaned my whole house {and let DDT help –  which was not actually helpful, but he loved it and therefore the extra work was worth it}, did laundry, built a fort, made homemade meatballs, and went along with whatever her little sidekick wanted to do.  I think he forgot I existed. Momma who?! Yesterday {Sunday} we planned on just relaxing and playing.  We had a low key morning with breakfast and snuggles.  “Mamaw” set up a grocery store in the living room for DDT, so he went shopping, learned how to swipe a credit card, and then made sure that we had a “clean up” situation on every aisle by dumping the play food everywhere.  I got him down for a nap and was on my way to take a hot shower when the power went out.  Awesome.  Since a shower had to wait, mom and I relaxed on the couches while DDT napped.  Once he got up, she had a play date with him since we were still off the grid.  She successfully wore him out which led to a second nap.  DDT went to sleep and we got showers. While DDT was still napping, mom decided she should give me a pedicure.  Because she is AMAZING. So, I was lounging on the love seat soaking my feet with my mom hunched over getting ready to make my toes pretty when this happened:


A bullet came flying through my living room window and landed on the couch where I had been sitting 5 minutes prior. By some miracle it must have gone above my mom’s head because it landed right next to where she was kneeling down.  Thankfully, we are all fine {albeit afraid to walk in front of a window}. We just had a mess of glass to clean up and a window to patch.  I called the police and the officer felt confident that it was just someone out shooting in the woods and not being very cautious  – he was pretty shocked that it had traveled all the way through our woods. He called it a crime of stupidity.  I had assumed the same thing. We live in the boonies and it is not uncommon to hear gun shots, however, I was under the impression that people were smart enough to not aim toward other houses.

After I had time to process everything, I cannot believe how lucky we were/are.  The “what ifs?” take my breath away.  Thank God DDT was napping. Thank God my mom wasn’t hit. Thank God I had moved to soak my feet.

What an ending to the weekend, eh?! I’m still wondering how all of that excitement didn’t jumpstart labor?! Sigh. Oh well. I get to enjoy today’s gorgeous weather and puddle jumping with DDT.  It’s Opening Day. The windows are open. Mario and Rod’s voices fill the air. It’s a good day. Go Tigers!!



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One Response to whoa.

  1. joan juchemich says:

    omg! I am so glad they are alright…physically.

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