Little Brother has arrived {ahem…6 weeks ago}!

Welcome to the world, Sweet Boy!

Welcome to the world, Sweet Boy!

We are officially a family of four!  Graeme Patrick was born on April 11, 2014 at 8:09am.  He weighed in at 7lbs 6 oz and was a lengthy 19.5 inches {so much smaller than anyone expected}. GPT {Little Brother’s new name on this here blog} is perfect. He looks a lot like DDT, but has a fairer complexion.  We may have our blue eyed baby with this guy!

It’s hard to believe that he is already 6 weeks old.  I suppose time really flies by when you’re lovin’ on two kiddos under the age of two {one of which is constantly on the move}! DDT is loving his big brother status, but it took a bit of time for him to adjust.  Our first week home was a bit rough for him {and me}.  At times, my heart ached for him. The routine that he was used to was off.  WAY OFF. I could see frustration on his face and it didn’t help that he’s still at the stage where he is learning to communicate.  On Easter he began to ask to hold his brother and would randomly walk up to him to give him kisses and just to watch him sleep. So Sweet. Now DDT asks for “baby” as soon as he wakes up. If GPT starts to fuss, DDT tries to soothe him before HBG or I can get to him. I cannot wait to see these two when they are a little older and joined at the hip {and probably making plans to drive their momma crazy}. Actually, I can wait.  Time is already going way too fast. So what I meant to say is that I am looking forward to that time. There are definitely still moments when DDT runs out of patience {like when I’ve been nursing for a long time} where he will want me to put the baby in the swing or in his crib, but luckily those moments are few and far between. Overall, he is super sweet and is always watching out for the littlest dude.

This is the perfect depiction of our first week home!  Photo Credit: maisie jane photography

This is the perfect depiction of our first week home!
Photo Credit: maisie jane photography

With non-stop lovin’ from his big brother, GPT is doing great.  He eats like a champ and has already gained 5 pounds since he was born. I am certain it is because I’ve been eating a lot of brownies. A. Lot. He has also started to sleep 6-7 hour stretches at night {hallelujah}! He is starting to discover his voice {adorable} and loves to chat with DDT and his toys on his activity mat.  He is smiling now and has one sweet, little dimple.  We all adore GPT and are over the moon that he chose us to be his family.

I am loving all of the time that I have with my little dudes right now and I feel great. Tired, but great!  I am definitely easier on myself this time than I was when DDT was born.  I am an organized person so chaos and “unfinished” business make me a little nutso.  It is difficult for me, but I have decided to give myself a break and just enjoy this precious time.  It also helps that my husband is incredible and supportive.  He helps out so much with everything, but he is soaking up this time, too. On any given day around here there are two loads of laundry waiting to be folded or put away, a sink full of dishes, and it’s possible that my hair hasn’t been brushed.  Oh well.  I know that there will be a day when I do not have a reason to not get those things done in a timely manner. That day will probably be here much too soon so for now I am busy making memories with the loves of my life.

Life is beautiful. Photo Credit: maisie jane photography

Life is beautiful.
Photo Credit: maisie jane photography



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