“all our sweetest hours fly the fastest.” ~ virgil

What is happening? Does anyone else feel like time is going by even faster than it typically goes by? I have a student who is really into time travel. Really into it. I feel like he may have made me a guinea pig in his time travel research and development and slipped something into my coffee. Except I didn’t end up in a different century.  I am just missing seconds from my minutes, minutes from my hours, and hours from my days. It is kind of a form of torture when you think about it.  Am I right?! Somehow during all of my time loss, DDT turned 2. How the heck did that happen? I can’t believe that it has already been 2 years since HBG and I began our journey as parents. I remember all of the details as if they were yesterday. How I told him that he would need to call in to work because we needed to go to the hospital. Listening to the Nicklas Lidstrom retirement on the way to the hospital. HBG calling our families to tell them it was time. My friend Stephanie calling me to make sure that I wasn’t driving myself to the hospital. The labor. The excitement. The change of plan {emergency C-Section}. The moment I held my first child. Now that itty, bitty baby is a big boy. He is sweet. He is silly. He is sassy. He is pretty damn awesome!  Last year, we threw a big first birthday party and created a time capsule for DDT. This year we decided to celebrate his big day with a simple party at home with our family. The weather was gorgeous so we were able to spend the whole day outside. It was perfect.  DDT had the best time and was SO happy.  When we went to bed that night, I told HBG that it was one of my favorite days ever.  There is nothing better than seeing your child bursting with happiness.  I hope that I get to see that a million times with my boys.  I will do whatever it takes to make sure they experience that joy as often as possible.

DDT enjoying his new trampoline.

DDT enjoying his new trampoline.

So DDT is a big, bad 2 year old and his little brother is already 2 months old. I know. Crazy. GPT is growing like a weed. As his grandpa says…he is a tank! He is still smiling all of the time and is “chatting” more and more. It is so fun to watch him and DDT interact as if they understand each other. Maybe they do. HBG and I joke all of the time that we need a translator to help us understand our kids, but maybe they know exactly what they are saying to one another and to us!

GPT soaking up the sunshine.

GPT soaking up the sunshine.



GPT - 2 months

GPT – 2 months

I was so nervous when I was pregnant with GPT because I didn’t know how I could possibly love another baby as much as I loved DDT. What a silly worry {although I am sure it is normal – right?!}. It is incredible how instantly the love for your child consumes you. I love them both so much. My heart could explode.

image image

Sweet brothers.

Sweet brothers.

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