Happy Birthday, GPT!

Happy Birthday, GPT!

Happy Birthday, GPT!

Dear GPT,

Happy 1st Birthday! You are such a big boy {but you’re still my baby}. I have to admit that today is bittersweet for me. I am excited to celebrate all of the awesomeness that you brought into our lives over the past year, but my Momma heart aches at how quickly time is going by. I will never forget the moment that I first held you in my arms. We’ve had a lot of other special moments together since then. Days filled with discovery, fun and goofiness. There have also been days that have been tough. Days filled with tears. Days where I feel like I am letting you down because I can’t seem to figure out what you need at the right moment. But on those nights when you reach your chubby, little hand up to my cheek as you fall asleep – you let me know that I am doing alright. You are a Momma’s boy and you are your Daddy’s twin. Well, your Daddy already has a twin so I’m not sure what that would make you…a triplet?? The point is that you look just like your Daddy. You are a laid back little dude and are pretty happy for the most part. You have your moments, but those usually come when you want milk {whoa, buddy} or on days that you feel like you need some extra snuggles. You love to snuggle. It. Is. Awesome. You give sweet little squeezes and pats on the back. Pure joy! You balance out your snuggles with a little bit of rowdiness.  You like to be right in the middle of all of the action that comes along with having a big brother. That is probably why you started walking {running} by the time you were 11 months {this makes your Daddy super proud}. Speaking of your big brother, you think DDT is the coolest {he is}. You love to play with him and get into mischief with him. You love to play with cars and your little people toy barn. You are a great eater. You aren’t very picky {that must mean that Momma and Daddy are awesome cooks}. You especially love bananas. We also just discovered that you love smoked salmon. You have recently started to throw tantrums and they are pretty funny. They usually happen when you try to get a treat out of the snack cupboard and you are told the dreaded N-O {you like to help yourself to snacks}. I’m sure it won’t be long until you are telling us, “no.” You say a few words: Momma, Dada, Da {Declan}, Dog, Cat, Hi, Moo, Cow, Duck, Quack. You like to pretend to talk on the phone, too. It’s pretty darn cute! You also love your baths and to swing outside on the play set.

You’ve been on a few adventures this year, too. We took a road trip to Nashville for Thanksgiving to visit Grandpa Ratti and Mia. You went to your first football game while we were there, too. You got your first passport and we took a trip to Mexico in February for some fun in the sun! You loved playing in the sand {or eating it} and swimming. I think you are going to have a lot of fun this summer!

Graeme Patrick – my heart beats for your silly, crinkled nose smile, your sweet, soft snuggles, and the sound of your little voice saying, “Momma.” I am honored to be your mother and I can’t wait for all of the memories that we are going to make on this next trip around the sun! Happy Birthday, Chunka Monka. I love you!


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