IMG_6554Dear DDT,

Are you really three years old today?!  What. The. Heck. You are such a special little boy.  You made my biggest dream come true the moment that you took your first breath and goodness do I love being your momma! You make me smile and laugh every single day {and you drive me a little crazy, too}. I can’t believe how much you’ve grown this year.  There is no “baby” left.  You are a big boy {but you’re still my little boy} and you are a country boy.  You love your rubber boots, riding your tractor, exploring in the woods, digging in the sand and dirt, and finding critters.  You also love superheroes, robots, legos, puzzles, and reading.

You have a naughty side topped with a whole lotta sweetness.  When daddy or I ask you not to do something, you like to say, “Don’t look at me” so you can go ahead and do whatever it is anyway!  You are super affectionate.  You love to give hugs and to cuddle with me {and you still love your blankie}. You get a little annoyed with your brother {get used to it}, but you like to look out for him to make sure he is safe.  Recently, you two started to play more together.  It’s awesome!  You like to play with your friends a lot, too.  You are always asking about them.  You are a smart dude and you like to ask a lot of questions.  I think you like to learn – just like your momma 🙂 Lately, you like to ask what letter different words start with and you like to ask where things came from.  I love our conversations, especially when we are driving in the car.

You have a hefty appetite.  You always have! You’ll say, “I’m starving!” It’s pretty funny. Some of your favorite foods are fruit, cheeseburgers {with ketchup, mustard, and pickles}, pirate booty, steak, sausage, and PB & J.  You really love PB&J’s!

You went on your first international vacation this year and it turns out that you really like to travel!  You ask to go on vacation and to go back to Mexico at least once a week!  You love swimming and playing in the sand.  You can play in the sand for hours!

Sweet Declan – You make life so fun with your silliness and your carefree attitude. Your daddy and I are so proud of you and G thinks you really are a superhero!  You bring so much joy into this world and my heart could burst from all of the love that I have for you.  I am so thankful that you are my son and that I get to grow and experience life with you.  This journey is so very amazing. Happy Birthday, D Man!  I love you SO much!

XO- Momma

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