HBG, DDT, and Iwell.hello.there.

I’m Jessica. Welcome to my little nook on the internet.  I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and teacher.  I love everything vintage, anything repurposed, and DIY projects are my jam {to my husband’s dismay}. I am an old soul. I love simplicity and say things like, “supper” and “good grief.” I drink everything out of a mason jar. I love to cook and bake. I believe any baking that is done in my kitchen should be done from scratch {but I will eat the heck out of any dessert -box or not- I don’t discriminate}. I hate paying for things that I can make at home, whether it’s ranch dressing or some piece of furniture. I love to make people smile. I believe in finding the silver lining in all situations.

I am married to a stud.  He’s pretty private, so we’ll call him hot bald guy {HBG} on this here blog. He is the most thoughtful, selfless, caring dude around and to top it off, he is a helluva daddy.  Plus – he puts up with me. We have a crazy, cool son {DDT} who makes life insanely fun and another little man {Little Brother} on the way.  Being their momma is my most favorite thing in the world.

I am a part time special education teacher and I job share with one of my best gals.  She’s a rock star {Rock Star Ra}.  We also watch each other’s kids while the other is braving the wild world of teenagers in the classroom.  Win – Win, eh?!

I hope you enjoy a peek inside the wonderfully, chaotic bliss at the end of the two track!

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